The Scholarship Foundation’s Student Advising Program provides guidance and assistance to about 5,000 students and families annually, helping them navigate the complex process of applying for financial aid for higher education and making enrollment decisions.

The program’s Student Advisors work throughout the metropolitan St. Louis region at public high schools and community agencies. The program concentrates on delivering services in areas with high proportions of students from low-income backgrounds.

Students get one-on-one assistance with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), applications for school admission, and applications for The Scholarship Foundation’s Interest-Free Loan Program. Student Advisors later help students and families review the financial aid award letters they receive from educational institutions and counsel families on the basics of educational debt management.

During the summer, The Scholarship Foundation provides opportunities for first-time freshmen to meet others with whom they will be attending college, receive financial aid training, and learn about the resources available on campus to support academic success.

Once students have begun their postsecondary education, The Scholarship Foundation’s Student Advising Program works in tandem with school counselors and academic assistance departments. The goal is to ensure that students receive the consistent, continuing support they may need to deal with difficult financial and education challenges and allow them to complete their studies and earn their degrees.