Loan Repayment

Think of repayment as a form of recycling. The money that you repay will be used by the Foundation to help another student achieve his or her educational goals. It is in everyone's best interest for repayment to be as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Repayment on Scholarship Foundation interest-free loans starts after a conditional one-year grace period following graduation, and is spread out over a five-year period. Monthly payments are due on the 15th of each month and remain interest-free and fee-free throughout repayment. The Scholarship Foundation notifies graduates when payments are expected to begin, offering several convenient options:


For those who are employed with a stable income, automated withdrawal (ACH) is the best choice. Simply download our Authorization Form for Direct Payments and sign and return it to our office. Payments are then automatically deducted monthly at no additional cost. Most financial institutions also provide automated bill pay services, but often fees are charged.

Online Payments

Payment may be made through our website using any major credit or debit card by clicking the button below. Responsible use of credit cards can be a good way for a new graduate to build up a credit score, but caution is warranted! Finance charges on credit cards can be an expensive form of debt for consumers.

A 4-digit Scholarship Foundation student ID number is required to make a payment online. A graduate who does not know his or her unique student ID number may contact us to request it by clicking here.

Make a Loan Payment

Check or Money Order

Graduates and current students are always welcome to visit the Foundation office to drop off a check and share stories about successes in school and careers, but for those who find the location inconvenient, it is always possible to mail a check or money order. Payments are processed within five business days of receipt. Cash should never be mailed. Checks should be made out to The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis and sent to:

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis
6825 Clayton Avenue, Suite 100
St. Louis, Missouri 63139

Other Options

Those finding themselves in situations where repayment becomes temporarily difficult to maintain should contact the Foundation immediately. The Scholarship Foundation can help. The Foundation recognizes a number of extenuating circumstances that could result in reduction or temporary deferment of monthly payments.

Please download and complete a Repayment Assessment Form if you wish to apply for a monthly payment reduction based on financial difficulty or a hardship deferment due to unemployment or medical circumstances.

If you are enrolled in school for at-least six credit hours and wish to defer payment of your interest-free loan, please download and complete an Educational Deferment Request form.

Completed forms may be submitted to Thurman Young, Program Director, by visiting our office or by one of the following methods:


Mail: ATTN: Thurman Young
The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis
6825 Clayton Avenue, Suite 100
St. Louis, Missouri 63139