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The FAFSA Isn’t Fixed for Everyone
May 20, 2024 – The Chronicle for Higher Education

The botched FAFSA rollout made this year’s college decision season a headache. What if we got rid of the form?
May 13, 2024 – MarketWatch

Fontbonne University is closing. Which other colleges are at risk of shutting down?
May 12, 2024 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

College financial aid facing continual delays, putting Missouri students at risk
May 8, 2024 – KSDK

College financial aid: How to navigate offers in one of the most challenging seasons yet
April 29, 2024 – MarketWatch

St. Louis’ largest corporate philanthropists – large companies
April 11, 2024 – St. Louis Business Journal

FAFSA Glitch Creates Chaos for College Applicants With Undocumented Parents
February 16, 2024 – Teen Vogue

This organization is giving out $300 million in financial aid without the FAFSA form
February 16, 2024 – MarketWatch

How the New Federal Aid Form is Shutting Some Students Out
February 1, 2024 – The Chronicle for Higher Education

More frustration, delays for St. Louis-area students applying for college financial aid
February 1, 2024 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Latest FAFSA delay makes it “unconscionable” for colleges to ask students to commit by May 1
January 30, 2024 – MarketWatch

Families, colleges to wait longer for financial aid info due to FAFSA fix
January 30, 2024 – The Washington Post

St. Louis teacher leaves a $2.2 million surprise donation
December 28, 2023 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Scholarships: critical part of annual Salute Gala
October 25, 2023 – The St. Louis American

Messenger: From St. Louis to the White House, local woman advocates for fellow DREAMers
June 21, 2023 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

How taking out student loans impacts – and creates – generational debt
January 17, 2023 – St. Louis on the Air, St. Louis Public Radio

Student loan servicer at the center of debt cancelation case hasn’t paid on one of its own debts in years
January 12, 2023 – MarketWatch

Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis Recruits Students to Increase Voter Engagement
August 16, 2022 – National College Attainment Network

How Missouri Is Increasing Community College Enrollment Among Rural Students
Mar. 21, 2022 – Forbes

Student Outcomes and Earnings in Higher Education Policy
Jan. 2022 – American Enterprise Institute

Valley Insurance Agency Alliance Announces Nine Scholarship Recipients
Dec. 29, 2021 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Missouri’s merit scholarships close door on Black, rural students
Oct. 14, 2021 – The St. Louis American

Three area high school graduates receive scholarships
Oct. 1, 2021 – Branson Tri Lakes News

Missouri students call for reform in state scholarships
Sept. 20, 2021 – The Standard

Windham calls for state scholarship reforms after report suggests disparities
Sept. 10, 2021 – The Missouri Times

Report says there are ‘significant disparities’ in Missouri scholarship programs
Sept. 9, 2021 – The Center Square

Missouri’s college scholarship programs aren’t helping students who need it most
Sept. 9, 2021 – The Kansas City Star

Allison the Dreamer
Jul. 22, 2021 – KMOX

The federal government’s FAFSA approach shows it’s content with discriminatory policies
Mar. 30, 2021 – The Diamondback

To protect taxpayer dollars, the Education Dept. is disproportionately auditing Black and Latino college students
Feb. 7, 2021 – The Washington Post

USS St. Louis commissioning panel establishes scholarship fund
Jan. 4, 2021 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Applying to College During Covid: What Parents and Students Should Know
Oct. 18, 2020 – The Wall Street Journal

U.S. News ‘Best Colleges’ rankings will take colleges’ average debt load into account for the first time
Sept. 14, 2020 – Marketwatch

Uprising: Education
Sept. 10, 2020 – We Live Here

A dilemma facing college students during the pandemic: Delaying graduation could have long-term financial consequences
June 12, 2020 – Marketwatch

‘Higher education essentially preserves intergenerational racial and class inequality’: How coronavirus could make it worse
June 12, 2020 – Marketwatch

Should you attend college next fall? Before deciding, here are all the questions you should NOT be afraid to ask
June 4, 2020 – Marketwatch

St. Louis grocery bus picks new chief, 23 years old
Feb. 28, 2020 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Aisha Sultan: Advice from anyone but your parents
Feb. 14, 2020 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Missouri History Museum exhibit celebrates students awarded by Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis
Feb. 13, 2020 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Legislative Update
Jan. 23, 2020 – Missouri Dept of Higher Ed and WorkForce Development

Taylor Milon writes her story in service, leadership, connections
Jan. 2, 2020 – UMSL Daily

9 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Financial Aid Package
Dec. 11, 2019 – Cosmopolitan

Students Attend Advancing Racial Equity Institute
Nov. 13, 2019 – Webster University News

A Unique Philanthropic Effort Shines a Light on Rural Students
Oct. 30, 2019 – 2019 Missouri Department of Higher Education’s Equity Project Report

Scholarship Awardees Begin College Life
Oct. 18, 2019 – St. Louis Public Schools Foundation

What Will It Really Take to Achieve Equity in College Access and Success?
Oct. 16, 2019 – National College Attainment Network 2019 National Conference

Missouri’s Community College Scholarship Program Isn’t A+ For Low-Income Students
Sept. 5, 2019 – KCUR 89.3

College Board revises plans for a single ‘adversity score,’ designed to level the playing field for low-income students
Aug. 29, 2019 – Marketwatch

BJC Scholars Fund launches college careers for 14 new students
Aug. 21, 2019 – Advantage News

Future midwife awarded Deaconess Nursing Scholarship
Aug. 14, 2019 – St. Louis American

Advocates, students upset over financial aid loophole
Aug. 1. 2019 – KDSK

Program aims to jumpstart student opportunities
Jul. 25, 2019 – The Southeast Missourian

What to Know Before Applying for Financial Aid
June 21, 2019 – Equifax

Finally, students can comparison shop the cost of their college majors
May 28, 2019 – Marketwatch

‘Every year there was an added process, added paperwork, added stress.’
Apr. 24, 2019 – National College Attainment Network

10 tips for getting accepted into college if you don’t have wealthy parents
Mar. 10, 2019 – Marketwatch

NCAN Members, Students Take to Capitol Hill to Advocate for Equity
Mar. 1, 2019 – National College Attainment Network

‘My parents came here with a purpose, and that was for me to continue on to do greater things.’
Feb. 28, 2019 – National College Attainment Network

A chance to learn about student loans
Oct. 25, 2018 – Southeast Missouri State University Arrow

Yes, it’s easier to get into an elite college if your family donates — but here are 5 other ways the wealthy have an edge
Oct. 20, 2018 – Marketwatch

Scholarship Foundation awards $4.7M in interest-free loans and grants
Oct. 4, 2018 – St. Louis American

Why paying more than $50K for college is a gamble
Sept. 22, 2018 – Marketwatch

Reversing ‘summer melt’ – when college plans go off course
Aug. 21, 2018 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch