2023 Advising Program Report

Jess DewesAdvising, News

Scholarship Foundation Student Advisors: Dominesha, DJ, Teresa, Grace, Ricky, and Liliana.

Most students and families begin their relationship with a Student Advisor at The Scholarship Foundation with a request for help with specific tasks and processes related to financial aid and college. These relationships often extend well beyond those initial conversations because advisors offer not just technical expertise and support, but a listening ear, empathy, and compassion. Advisors meet students, along with their families, where they are, both literally and figuratively, providing the individualized support students need to reach their college goals.

Throughout 2023, Student Advisors provided information, resources, and support that helped many students on their journey to and through college. The team was required to be nimble and responsive, and worked diligently to address students’ needs and concerns, as well as those of their families, as the financial aid timeline shifted late in the year. Student Advisors also supported area counselors and school advisors as they helped their students navigate a significantly altered FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. Advisors continued to build authentic relationships, rooted in trust, transparency, honesty, and consistency, with their students. These qualities made it possible for the support they offered to be flexible, responsive, and unique to each situation.

It is often said that change is the only constant; although change and growth occurred in 2023 for the Student Advising Program, the heart of the program remains consistent. Student Advisors show up, they listen to students’ stories, and they provide counsel and information that is honest, timely, and objective, promoting students’ autonomy and validating their individuality. The 2023 Student Advising Program Report tells the story of a program that is centered on students’ needs and is delivering on the Foundation’s commitment to them.

As 2024 begins, the Student Advising team continues to grow. With six full-time advisors, the team is engaging in critical support for students and forging ahead with the necessary resources and service delivery to support them.