How to Apply

As higher education has become more and more expensive, more and more students need financial assistance in order to make their postsecondary schooling plans possible. That makes applying for financial aid a crucially important step.

It is also a complicated process, yet millions of students and their families successfully complete it every year.

Please take time to examine the information available in other sections of this website before starting to fill out an application for financial aid from The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis. In addition to answering many common questions about the process, the information also alerts students to opportunities for receiving free assistance in dealing with the many steps of applying for postsecondary admission and financial aid.


To simplify the process for students and their families, The Scholarship Foundation accepts applications through, where a student can apply for multiple local and regional interest-free loan programs and grants all on one site. Please take a moment to explore the options on MyScholarshipCentral, where over 100 different scholarship, grant, and interest-free loan programs are offered.

You may also click here to go directly to the MyScholarshipCentral online application system. Once there, click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right-hand corner to create an account. The first step is to create a General Application that serves as the applicant’s profile for all scholarships on MyScholarshipCentral. Once the General Application has been completed, a list of opportunities will be presented that match the student’s qualifications. For each opportunity, including The Scholarship Foundation’s interest-free loan, the student will need to complete additional questions and/or submit documentation separately.