Ricky Hughes

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Ricky Hughes (he/him) is a Student Advisor at The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis where he works to support students as they explore postsecondary education. Born and raised in St. Louis, Ricky possesses a deep-rooted passion to support and empower his community. Ricky graduated from Saint Louis University with a bachelor’s degree in project management. He also has a background in multimedia, education, and public health, which he pairs with his energy and passion to empower and support students. Ricky is dedicated to building meaningful relationships with students as he advises them on the pathway through postsecondary education. The hope is that this pathway leads to students graduating and being equipped with the tools, knowledge, and passion necessary to impact their community. He also engages students with academic, financial, and health and wellness support along their educational journey. In his free time Ricky loves to run, hike, read, create videos, and make memories with his family.