Reverend Elie Collier Memorial Scholarship

Upon returning in 1946 from service in World War II, brothers Elie (Bud) and Raymond Collier had dreams of starting their own business in St. Louis. Despite facing racial and financial barriers, they built a thriving auto body business in their community, hiring and training men from the neighborhood. Generations later, Collier Autobody has been open for 77 years, in the same location for over 65 years, and is managed by Bud’s son and Ray’s grandson.

In addition to founding the autobody business, Reverend Elie Collier also went on to establish Ecclesia of Christ Cosmopolitan, a church committed to serving the community. Rev. Collier was a big proponent of training and education to earn a living wage. To honor his memory and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the church, this scholarship has been created.

The Reverend Elie Collier Memorial Scholarship will provide assistance to students who may feel that postsecondary education is “so far out of reach that they can’t even dream it.”  With the goal of providing self-sufficiency and supporting community members without access to business and educational opportunities, this scholarship may be used for both vocational training and the tools required for enrollment in an accredited vocational program.

The endowment provides grants of up to $4,500 to students seeking vocational training. These grants are renewable through graduation or for a maximum of ten semesters. Awards may be used for tuition or tools required for enrollment in an accredited vocational program.

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis is not currently accepting new applications for this scholarship.