What Students Need to Know About Monkeypox on Campus

Rob FoleyAlerts, News

The Scholarship Foundation is urging students to be aware of the monkeypox virus and pay continued attention to their health and well-being, including educating themselves on the transmission of monkeypox and dispelling information and stigma about the virus. It is critical for students to inform themselves and then take the necessary steps to protect themselves and others. Thanks to the City of St. Louis Department of Health and Saint Louis County Department of Public Health, the Foundation is sharing some key information about what monkeypox is, how students can protect themselves, and where students can get tested if they believe they have been exposed or are exhibiting symptoms.

  • What is monkeypox? It is a disease caused by infection with the monkeypox virus; it shares similar symptoms with smallpox.

  • How can I protect myself? There are steps students can take to protect themselves against monkeypox.

  • Where can I get tested? Students may be able to access testing on campus, at the health center, and the Foundation advises that students contact their student health center to learn about testing options available to them. However, there are other places to access testing.

After two and a half years of Covid, the Foundation recognizes the important role everyone plays in protecting the health of the entire community. As always, the Foundation wants students to have the information they need to make decisions for, and take care of, themselves. Students who have concerns about monkeypox or other health-related matters, please contact your student advisor, who can help identify resources on- or near-campus.