cat and dog

What is Good

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I’m reminding you to remind me to look for the good. It is still there and may be shining even brighter on these dark days.

In more ways than I can (or should) mention here, this has been a long and difficult winter. Among the coinciding forces of national news, state budget crises, terrible tragedy and toxic stress in the lives of people close to us, and a seasonal absence of sunlight, it’s possible to lose track. The more you look, the bleaker it can seem.

I have adopted a strategy I do not recommend. In the last year or so, I have acquired both a kitten and a puppy (or they have acquired me). They play. They demand attention and are satisfied with food and sleep. They seem not to care whether it’s CNN or Fox reporting. They are indifferent to the outcome of any game, race, campaign or legal contest. For the most part, I can solve their problems and they offer total devotion, no matter. Oh, and they’re cute enough to make up for the trouble they cause. See below for proof.

cat and dog

To save you the sleepless nights and the constant vacuuming associated with furry friends, I will instead provide a digest of what is good and right and has come to The Scholarship Foundation community in these recent months of darkness.

First, there are our students. Though they suffer significant financial hardship, they graduate at a rate of 76% within the six-year standard measurement for a bachelor’s degree. That’s sinificantly higher than the national rate for ALL students and six times higher than the rate of 14% for similarly low-income students nationwide. Need a boost? Take a moment and meet these three:

Ethan Shavers Diego Piña
Aja McCoy

Then, there are our donors. Though there are countless worthy causes seeking support, tax reform looms large, and it’s hard to put a plaque on educational opportunity, our donors have made landmark commitments in the last six months. Our contributors have been creative and generous indeed. Looking for inspiration? A quick click to these announcements will provide it:

Arenberg Partner Fund Advising Program BJC Scholars Fund
Centennial Collaboration Scholarship Deaconess Nursing Fellowship
E4FC #ProjectKnowUs Equifax Finance Fellowship
Marita Malone Scholarship Pratter Family DSL

Our students, our donors, and our community are truly what is good. I do not forget that fact, though there may still be room in the house for another animal… Of course, I am in the presence of good each day as I work alongside the board and staff of The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis. When it gets dark, please remind me.

– Faith Sandler