Tavon Wilson

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Class of 2014
Marketing and Information Technology
Saint Louis University

Being able to pay for college and have the personal assistance in completing my degree helped me not only to be a student, but be a better member of the community.

As a Saint Louis University student, Tavon decided to major in marketing to learn strategies for connecting the community to technology. He took classes in business economics and marketing research while interning for ITEN through The Scholarship Foundation Community Internship Program. After his internship, he started his own technology business creating low-cost specialized computers for community members. From those efforts, a local company recruited his services to become a brand ambassador for Glide, a social media video streaming platform.

Tavon knows his community involvement and education gave him the opportunities to learn and create his own business. His inspiration to help his community is modeled after community leaders. Tavon asserts that the financial help and internship opportunity he received from the Foundation made the biggest difference in his entrepreneurial path.