Saint Louis Graduates Responds to Governor Jay Nixon’s Budget Proposal


On January 21, 2014, Governor Nixon released his budget proposal for the coming year, which includes increasing the funding for Bright Flight Scholarships by $15 million. These scholarships are awarded to Missouri students who score in the top three percent in ACT or SAT scores.

Appropriations Committee hearing was scheduled for January 22. St. Louis Graduates, of which The Scholarship Foundation is a part of, sent in testimony in response to this education proposal.

The Scholarship Foundation and St. Louis Graduates support funding of Access Missouri need-based financial aid over other state financial aid programs, such as Bright Flight Scholarships, because of the belief that need-based aid provides the greatest opportunity for the state to generate individual and community economic growth.

Faith Sandler, Executive Director of The Scholarship Foundation and co-chair of St. Louis Graduates, was one of the signatories to the testimony.

To read the entire proposal, please click here.