Policies for In-Person Appointments (March 2022)

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By Teresa Steinkamp, Advising Director

The Scholarship Foundation began a return to in-person advising in January and is announcing an updated set of guidance for in-person advising, beginning March 7, 2022.

Staff are eager to connect with and support more students in the months ahead and we continue to commit to the health of our community. Based on current guidance from the CDC, we will be implementing consistent safety protocols across any meetings or appointments that take place at the Foundation’s offices, as well as field work in high schools and with nonprofit organizations. Outlined below are the expectations for Foundation staff to visit any off-site location for either a 1:1 student appointment (or series of appointments) or in-person workshops:

  • At least two members of The Scholarship Foundation staff will be present and within sight during any appointment.
  • In-person gatherings engaging Scholarship Foundation staff will be limited to a maximum audience of 50 individuals.
  • Immediately prior to the appointment or workshop, all will self-screen for fever, cough, aches, or other signs of illness.
  • Safety expectations for any in-person meeting or appointment will be determined by the current COVID-19 Community Level in the location at the time of each meeting/appointment:
    • High: When an area is experiencing high levels of COVID in the community, all meetings, appointments, and presentations will take place virtually.
    • Medium: Staff will be masked. Masks are recommended for all participants.
    • Low: Staff will be masked. Masks are recommended for all participants.

To come to your site, we ask that you assure agreement to these guidelines. In any cases where an agreement of guidelines is breached, Foundation staff will issue one reminder of expectations and agreements, after which an appointment will be terminated.

If you wish to schedule either an individual or group appointment and can agree to the above, please contact Director of Advising, Teresa Steinkamp, to begin scheduling with Student Advisors. Student Advisors do still have alternate options to offer, including virtual appointments and workshops. The Foundation can also accommodate appointments for individual students or groups of up to 11 students in our office. We would welcome small groups of students to make appointments to visit for in-person advising support, as well as small group workshops.

We will continue to serve and support students through in-person and virtual advising. As a reminder, students can schedule appointments directly with a Student Advisor here.