New 2023 Equity Report Released

Rob FoleyNews

The educational mission of the Foundation is inextricably linked to matters of racial and economic equity in the community. In order to better understand and examine these matters, the Foundation is proud to announce the publication of a new 2023 Equity Report.

The 2023 Equity Report compares Scholarship Foundation student outcomes in the context of national data on key equity factors. The report addresses who is enrolling in college, who is graduating, and who must borrow (and how much) to finance their education beyond high school. This report augments the previously published Key Performance Indicators, Program Dashboards and Equity Dashboard.

In publishing this report, the Foundation also clearly and plainly states a position on matters of equity:

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis:

  1. Considers higher education a human right.
  2. Views education attainment as individual accomplishment and contribution to common good.
  3. Intervenes in the effects of economic inequity on educational outcomes.
  4. Directs resources to counter economic inequity where concentrated by race and gender, striving to repair prior harms.
  5. Advocates to change systems that perpetuate inequities in education.
  6. Opposes institutional and public policies which further injustice.

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis works daily to direct resources to achieve greater economic and racial equity. Scholarship Foundation awards are made to students who demonstrate the greatest financial need and in the St. Louis region, awards are made to students of color in greater proportion. When students borrow from the Scholarship Foundation they do so with less frequency and in lesser amounts than students of similar economic and racial characteristics nationally. All of this and more can be seen in the 2023 Equity report.  Please click here to read it.

Questions or comments on the information contained in this report may be directed to Rob Foley, Director of Information Technology.