National “Invest in the Dream” Initiative evaluated in research report


Since 2014, The Scholarship Foundation has partnered with Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) in its Invest in the Dream Initiative to support undocumented students to and through college. E4FC awarded $750,000 in 1:1 matching grants to 19 scholarship providers across the nation. The Initiative generated $1.5 million in matching scholarship funds for more than 200 students.

The Scholarship Foundation was one of four organizations to be awarded for all three years of the project. The Mysun Charitable Foundation provided The Scholarship Foundation’s matching grant, and in many cases, The Scholarship Foundation also offered interest-free loans to students.

Now, E4FC has compiled an in-depth report chronicling the Invest in the Dream Initiative’s accomplishments and challenges. Read the report here. Be sure to read the profile of The Mysun Charitable Foundation and its work with The Scholarship Foundation on page 26.