Foundation Students Significantly Outperform Newly Created National Benchmarks


The Scholarship Foundation is one of over 70 nonprofit organizations working with National College Access Network (NCAN) and the National Student Clearinghouse on a National Benchmarking Project. This project, now in its third year, is gathering and analyzing data to demonstrate outcomes and measure improvements in college access and success metrics for low-income students across the country. The college enrollment metrics in this year’s report are consistently positive, and continue to demonstrate results from NCAN member organizations that meet or exceed enrollment statistics normally enjoyed only by higher income students. Degree attainment continues to be a challenge with this year’s benchmarking results reflecting the national trend of decreasinggraduation rates, but The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis continues to outperform both NSC and NCAN benchmarks by a considerable margin (Scholarship Foundation 6-year graduation rates, for instance, are 20 percentage points higher than comparable organizations nationally). These results are a strong endorsement of both the character of the students that we fund, and the work that our advisors do to support our students throughout their academic careers.

More information about year three of this project is forthcoming and will be available on the NCAN website:

Results for the Scholarship Foundation can be found in this report from the National Student Clearinghouse.

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