Foundation Policy Interns testify to stop House Bill 187



Foundation Policy Interns Karissa Anderson and Karina Arango testified Feb. 3 in Jefferson City against House Bill 187, a bill that would deny DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students access to financial assistance for postsecondary education. In spring of 2014, The Scholarship Foundation approved funding for DACA students in an effort to support members of the community whose circumstances would prevent them from the financial means to fulfill their educational goals. Foundation Executive Director Faith Sandler accompanied Interns as they advocated before the House Higher Education Committee for equal financial access to higher education. Foundation Interns have advocated for two legislative sessions regarding equal access to financial support for higher education.

“If Missouri is going to consider itself competitive in degree attainment, we should work towards making higher education more accessible—not moving backwards and restricting access.”
-Karissa Anderson

“Allowing DACA students the opportunity to continue their education here is critical to Missouri’s commitment to a diverse, talented, and prosperous community.”
-Karina Arango

To read Karissa Anderson’s full testimony, click here.

To read Karina Arango’s full testimony, click here.