#DisregardDecisionDay 2021

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Dear Class of 2021:

As your high school years end, you are probably hearing (or will hear) about “Decision Day,” which is the day some want you to declare the college of your choice for 2021-22.

You may be pressured to commit to a college and pay deposits.

You may be encouraged to share your decision at an in-person or virtual celebration.

You may be reassured that missing information, unknown details, and unresolved questions will all “be okay.”

Do not allow the hype or pressure to rush your decision, especially if you have incomplete information or unanswered questions. Instead, I recommend you #DisregardDecisionDay. As always, we want you to know that you should not be rushed to give an answer to a decision you have not or cannot yet make.

  • You have a right to clear and complete information to make an informed decision. Wait for the facts.
  • You have a right to be careful and exhausted. Much about the 2021-22 school year is still uncertain. Do not commit with enrollment or housing deposits if you are unsure about whether your college will offer fall classes in-person, online, or both and/or house you on campus.
  • You will experience a full range of emotions. Do not let others invalidate or minimize your feelings.
  • You have a right to financial aid that covers all your costs for your education—and does not leave you with burdensome student loan debt. Do not commit to a college with only an “estimated” financial aid offer or one that has offered insufficient financial aid.
  • You have a right to know your college will support you—academically, financially, physically, mentally, emotionally. Do not settle for insufficient resources and supports on campus.

If you have hesitations, doubts, questions, or concerns (before or after “Decision Day”), we can help. If you need someone, our team is #HereForIt to listen, speak with you, and support you as you make a decision for yourself.

With best wishes for YOUR future,

Teresa Steinkamp, LMSW

Advising Director

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