A Reflection on The Power of Education

Faith SandlerGiving, Words of Faith

Charles (Steve) Bilane, circa 1980

The year has nearly ended, and these last days are a time of reflection for many. At The Scholarship Foundation, a beautiful story of the power of education ushers us into 2024 with hope beyond measure. This is your reminder that there is strength in community and power in education.

Think not of oligarchs, Supreme Court justices, presidential nominees, or major media influencers, but rather think of those who are always learning and determined to extend the opportunity to others. So much is made possible by teachers of all types.

Here’s a story that will help you focus on hope. Click here for the last Words of Faith of 2023:

STL Today: St. Louis Teacher Leaves a $2.2 Million Surprise Donation

With deep gratitude to lifelong and no-longer-living teachers Steve Bilane (John Burroughs School) and his companion of 67 years Don Tomlinson (Francis Howell High School), Darion Williams (history teacher at North Kirkwood Middle School), and Aisha Sultan (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), I invite you to 2024.

– Faith