USS ST. LOUIS (LCS 19) Scholarship

The USS ST LOUIS (LCS 19) Commissioning Committee established the USS ST. LOUIS (LCS 19) Scholarship in 2020 to award annual grants to qualifying members of the crew and their dependents who are pursuing undergraduate degrees or advanced technical training. The Committee selected The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis to administer the scholarship.

The USS ST. LOUIS (LCS 19) Commissioning Committee’s mission is to engage the St. Louis community in honoring and celebrating the crew and families of USS ST. LOUIS (LCS 19) by creating memorable commissioning events, providing support that lifts morale, and establishing a scholarship fund that invests in the crew’s continuing education.

LCS 19 (St. Louis) Acceptance Trials. December 2019. Photographed by Lockheed Martin

Barbara Broadhurst Taylor, the ship’s sponsor, organized and directed the Commissioning Committee which is an entity of the Navy League of the United States – St. Louis Council. As sponsor, Mrs. Taylor and her family will maintain a relationship with the crew and their families through the life of the ship.

The USS ST. LOUIS (LCS 19) Scholarship is a renewable grant of up to $12,000. Interested students should go to, follow the instructions to complete the General Application and then also submit the supplemental application for the USS ST. LOUIS (LCS 19) Scholarship. To be considered, completed applications and all required supporting documents must be submitted by April 15. Award will be announced in June.