Temporary Amnesty for Students in Repayment

Rob Foley News

We understand that the rapidly evolving health and employment situation resulting from COVID-19 poses unique challenges for all, and some borrowers may have difficulty making their monthly payments. To help ensure the wellbeing of those directly or indirectly affected by this crisis, we are:

  • Providing a temporary amnesty period (through May 15, 2020) for borrowers who are experiencing increased expenses and/or loss of income due to layoffs or reduced work hours.
  • Waiving the requirement to complete the standard Repayment Assessment Form (RAF) for this accommodation.
  • Continuing our commitment to service your loans without interest or fees during this difficult time and throughout repayment

Students may make payments as they are able for the next three months. Any payments made will allow us to support today’s students, and their need is great. If you are unable, there is no paperwork you need to do at this point, though you are welcome to be in touch at any time.

We are always prepared to support our borrowers facing financial hardship or loss of income due to illness, layoffs or reduced work hours.  Thanks in advance for your help and understanding as we all work together during this challenging time.

Please address your questions or concerns to Thurman Young at (314) 932-6922 or by email at Thurman@sfstl.org.