Miles Walz-Salvador holding bat

Repaid in Full: Miles Walz-Salvador

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Miles Walz-Salvador at work

Congratulations to Miles Walz-Salvador for reaching the milestone of repaying his Scholarship Foundation loan! In 1920, the origin of The Scholarship Foundation was the interest-free loan. Today, the tradition is strong in the lives of graduates like Miles. Here’s what he has to say about the value of the loan:

These interest-free loans made it possible for me to attend college without having to obtain a full-time job. I am 100% positive that I wouldn’t have been as productive or successful if it weren’t for the funds given (and the peace of mind that I wouldn’t have to pay an additional sum – upwards of 4-6% – on that loan). The time that I spent studying and networking was all pertinent to my success and would not have been easy without these loans. The foundation’s no-interest student loan is something that the US government should implement as an investment in its people.

For financial reasons, Miles first attended St. Louis Community College-Meramec where he completed general science requirements before transferring to University of Missouri-Columbia. He graduated in 2011 with dual bachelors of science degrees in forestry & fisheries and wildlife and a minor in biological sciences. After graduation, Miles took project positions with the Missouri Department of Conservation and U.S. Geological Survey. His work focused specifically on avian species, endangered and endemic freshwater fishes, plants and mammals.

Miles Walz-Salvador holding batIn 2013, Miles began working in private environmental consulting. For several years he was with Trileaf in St. Louis, where his role culminated as Senior Project Scientist: Wetland Ecologist and Migratory Bird Specialist. Currently, Miles is Nationwide NEPA Manager, Biologist, and Tribal Consultation Coordinator with Lotis Engineering Group, of Columbia, Missouri. Among his many duties, he’s pleased to be representing the firm in surveying for threatened and endangered bats species throughout the United States using hands on and acoustic monitoring techniques.

Miles grew up in south city. His mother helped him develop his intense interest in the sciences at an early age. That interest has fueled him, providing both livelihood and fulfillment. In the process, he’s repaid his interest-free loan in full and on time, making room for the next generations of students to pursue their own passions.

– Faith Sandler