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To contribute to a community health imperative for “social distancing” (which might also be considered an act of social caring!), The Scholarship Foundation offices will close effective at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 13, 2020 and remain closed through April 22nd. Updates will be issued as conditions surrounding testing for and transmission of COVID-19 change.

Foundation staff will work remotely or with specific office assignments that observe appropriate distance. The public can and should be in contact by email or telephone or mail. Students may continue to submit application materials and correspondence online. As circumstances warrant, Scholarship Foundation offices will be available by appointment only for advising or for student study sessions, provided health measures are in place and a minimum distance of 6 feet between individuals can be maintained. To adhere to social distancing standards, meetings of more than five people will be cancelled or will take place by conference call or online.

Scholarship Foundation staff working in the field (in high schools, community centers, and university settings) will follow this same social distancing policy in those locations.  In most cases, this will result in cancellations or agreements to meet by phone or video conferencing.

During this time of uncertainty, The Scholarship Foundation puts first priority on meeting the ongoing and emergency needs of students. This commitment includes responsibly contributing to slowing the progression of the virus and thwarting exposure of especially vulnerable populations. Throughout, Scholarship Foundation students will still have access to each of the key resources the Foundation provides: awards, advising, and advocacy. That is certain.

To leave general messages for The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis: 314-725-7990.

To email general inquiries on any Scholarship Foundation matter:

To contact leadership staff directly:

Faith Sandler, Executive Director, 314-799-3547,

Rob Foley, Director of Planning and Technology, 314-368-4911,

To contact student advising staff directly:

Félipe Martínez, 314-250-9939,

Dominesha Newton, 314-974-0304,

Robert Sagastume, 314-320-9280,

Teresa Steinkamp, 314-401-1772,