Foundation Staff visit students at “Mizzou”


Missouri is under the national microscope regarding its flagship public university, The University of Missouri, which has been accused of racial inequality toward its minority students. Recent student protests have gained national attention  as protesters assert the administration has failed to address repetitive racial episodes within the student body. As a result, Foundation staff traveled to the university to provide support to all Foundation students, both minority and non-minority, as they process the complicated difficulties that are challenging the academic environment.

In response to the feedback received from Foundation students, Foundation Advising Director Teresa Stock Steinkamp along with Student Advisors Robert Elam and Felipe Martinez wrote a blog published by National College Access Network (NCAN) about their meeting with students at the university. In addition, Executive Director Faith Sandler wrote a letter to the editor published in The Jewish Light regarding the support that Hillel staff gave the Foundation during this recent campus visit.

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