College Planning Inventory

The College Planning Inventory (CPI) is an intake form that Student Advisors at The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis use when working with students. Students who complete the form are connected with an Advisor, who will work to listen, support, and assist them as they consider their education plans. The following questions serve as a starting point, so that Student Advisors can begin to develop questions for you; most questions are not required, so if there are any you do not know the answer to, do not apply to you, or you prefer to skip, we understand. And, we know there is a lot more to know about you—we look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and working together.

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Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY


We ask this question because the information helps our team advise students on matters related to filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Please choose the answer most closely matching your current student status and enrollment. If you are currently in some form of education beyond high school, please select current college student. If you have attended school after high school, but are not currently taking classes, please select attended some college, but not currently enrolled. And, if you are not in high school and have not yet taken any classes beyond high school, please select never attended college.

If you do not see your high school on this list, please accept our apologies. Please select “OTHER” and we will be sure to ask you when we connect for the first time.

Although many colleges have moved to test optional for admissions, some still use test scores for scholarship consideration. This question is asked so that your advisor can help you plan based on your school list and goals.

Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY

  (example: "Fall 2019")

Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY

Student Advisors work directly with several high schools and programs across St. Louis and students in these buildings and programs will have access to that advisor on a regular basis. However, students may select any advisor with whom they wish to work. Please click the hyperlink in the question to review Student Advisor bios.

We want to hear from you; if you have any questions, concerns, or things that you want us to know, please share them here.