BACK UP Your Back-Up Plans (Now)

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This year, unlike any other, students need to have a Plan B, C, and even D for the fall semester.  Conditions are changing rapidly and that will continue in the days and weeks before school is scheduled to begin.

Every student planning to attend college this fall should be prepared for a shift to online learning, school closures due to virus outbreaks, and urgent health issues. Here are key questions to guide in the development of back-up plans:

  • What is your plan if your school announces in early August that all classes will be entirely ONLINE? It is possible schools will change their plans and make an announcement over the next six weeks, as many have signaled plans are subject to change.
  • What is your plan if your school CLOSES in the middle of the fall semester? It happened last semester and it could happen again; have a plan—we can help consider options.
  • What is your plan if YOU BECOME SICK while away at school? Your college has a plan and procedures in mind; review, understand, and consider what additional steps you need to take to safeguard your health.
  • What is your plan if a LOVED ONE AT HOME gets sick while you are away at school? Schools are limiting students’ travel away from campus this semester; if you’re needed at home, consider your plan and the possible consequences.

Planning is hard work, especially when so much is unknown. You want to be on campus and we all long for “normal.” But stop and think; have difficult conversations with family. Talk with us. Have the hard conversations now and create a plan that can be quickly implemented.

REMEMBER that any award you have received from The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis can be deferred for up to one year.

It is better to have a plan you won’t need than to need a plan and have none.



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