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Remember this: school is about learning.

STOP AND THINK about how you learn best.

One thing about fall is certain: classes will be held online—although whether it will be a hybrid of in-person and online or exclusively online remains to be seen. The fall semester is six weeks away and most colleges are still signaling at least a partial return to in-person classes. Know what kind of learner you are, and whether online will work for you.

Reflect upon your online learning experience in the spring semester and before. Although there is reason to hope and expect fall classes held online would be stronger and better planned than last semester, there is no guarantee. You’ve had at least twelve years of schooling.  What kinds of classes worked best for YOU?

And, looking to the future, you have time to do this YOUR WAY.

  1. Consider the big picture and your long-term goals:
    • What is important to your learning?
    • What do you need to feel secure and supported?
    • What are your goals?
  1. How do you feel about continuing all, or in part, with online coursework this semester?
    • If classes are online only, what adjustments might you make to fall courses? This may include reducing credit hours, changing courses, or even transferring to a more affordable school for a semester or year.
    • If classes are online only, what technology do you need to be successful? What hardware or software might be necessary or helpful to achieving success? Talk with us if you don’t have what you need.
  1. Ask your school about other resources you will need if classes are online only.
    • How will the library, math lab, writing center, and tutoring services be making themselves available and accessible to students?
    • How will professors be available for office hours and answers to questions?

This is YOUR time and YOUR education.  Right now, there is a great deal you can’t control but you can determine what learning opportunities are best for you, even if it means deferring until an in-person experience is possible.



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