Fellowship Programs

The Foundation’s Advocacy Program consists of three paid fellowships in different, but related content areas. Fellows learn from a curriculum that covers topics from race theory to messaging training. They focus on how systems and policies impact access to higher education, healthcare, and financial wellbeing. The overall goal is to ensure students who are primarily left out of these types of discussions are not only included in them, but able to lead them. Fellows are recruited from The Foundation’s pool of current students/recent graduates and are contracted in an 9-month program from October to July.

  • Education Policy Fellowship focuses on policy change that increases college access and affordability. Policy positions include advocating for increases in need-based financial aid, divestment from and/or restructuring of merit-based financial aid, and college access for immigrant students who are undocumented.
  • Deaconess Nursing Fellowship is funded by Deaconess Foundation to continue to honor the Deaconess Sisters. This fellowship fosters systems thinking among future healthcare workers. Interns explore campaigns and policy related to access to healthcare.
  • Equifax Finance Fellowship is funded by Equifax, this fellowship educates young people who are directly impacted by biased financial policies and practices and engages them in the creation of solutions. Finance fellows work on a financial empowerment curriculum geared towards helping young people make sound financial decisions as students.

State-Wide Coalition

The Active Advocacy Coalition (AAC): The AAC is a state-wide coalition of students working toward higher education equity. The Coalition believes that low-income, first-generation, and undocumented students have the potential, ability, and right to pursue higher education and that students must be in the center of policy decisions regarding higher education. Coalition members are paid stipends for their engagement in advocacy work.

Policy Priorities

If you have questions about The Foundation’s fellowship programs, joining the state-wide coalition, or policy priorities, please email