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Board and Staff

The volunteer board of directors of The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis sets organizational policy and priorities, secures adequate resources to support the Foundation’s programs, and provides fiduciary oversight for the nonprofit organization.

The Board includes men and women from education, finance, business, public service, communications, public health, law, medicine, and many other facets of community life.

The staff of the Foundation, led by the executive director, are professionals with a wealth of education, training, and experience in nonprofit management.




Leadership Team

Buron Buffkin, President Faith Sandler, Executive Director
Tom Ruwitch, Vice-President Karissa Anderson, Advocacy Director
Robert Schmalz, Vice-President Rob Foley, Director of Planning & Technology
April Mickens Jolly, Treasurer Karin McElwain-West, External Relations Director
Patty Malashock, Secretary Teresa Steinkamp, Advising Director
Lauren Nash Ming, Member-At-Large Thurman Young, Program Director



Jacqueline Meaders Booth Beth Andrews, Office Administrator
James E. Crowe, III Tyronica Dowdy, Community Relations Coordinator
Matt Dace Catherine Hill, Accountant
Kathleen A. Day Laura Keeton, Data Support Specialist
Karen O. Drake Félipe Martínez, Immigrant Student Advisor
Joan Esserman Dominesha Newton, Student Advisor
Clayton M. Evans Robert Sagastume, Student Advisor
Sid Goldstein Amanda Samuels, Student Advisor
Jennifer A. Haynes Jamie Wilger, Stewardship Coordinator
Muhammad Q. Islam
Ralonda Jasper


Mike Jay  
Debra B. Kennard  
Lainie Neiman  
Susan Plassmeyer  
Dana L. Romeis  
Lauren Sagel  
James L. Tatum  
Lisa K. Thorp  
Maria Vergara  
Heidi Veron  
Hardy Washington, Jr.  

Honorary Life Directors

Betsy Douglass  
Joyce Follman  
Linda Goldstein  
Joel Iskiwitch  
Nancy Kalishman  
Lynne Kipnis  
Donna Moog  
Julia Muller  
Estie Pruett  
Audrey Shanfeld  
Barbara Touchette  


Members of our board can access the Board Portal with a valid username and password at the following address: