50 Years of Commitment: Janice Gitt

Janice Gitt, left, deep in conversation with Designated Scholar Kerry, circa 1993.

When Janice Gitt passed away in September 2022, friends and family gathered graveside to honor her memory. Rabbi Amy Feder consoled all by recalling Janice’s determination and her devotion to her late husband, Stanley. No one was surprised to hear that Janice had announced just a few days before she died that she was ready to go.

In life and in her 50 years of commitment to The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, Janice was steadfast and strong-willed. Janice and Stanley first become contributors in 1972 and she served as ScholarShop treasurer and board member from 1977-1990. Under her steady hand, the books balanced and the proceeds were documented on time, as planned.

Generous estate contributions, tributes in Janice’s memory, and a significant gift from Patty and Larry Malashock have combined to create the Janice and Stanley Gitt Memorial Designated Scholar Loan Fund. This memorial honors the family’s commitment to the interest-free loan program and the students of The Scholarship Foundation.