2022 Student Advising Report

Rob FoleyAdvising, News

Many students understand that a Foundation Student Advisor can assist with the processes and details related to paying for college and affordability. Of course, this is true, but what some do not realize at first is that the most essential element of the process is the authentic, meaningful relationship that develops between student and advisor along the way.

These types of relationships with students increased and improved in 2022, as Foundation advisors returned to in-person programming and support. Through the year, consistent connection benefited students and Student Advisors. As a result, many relationships flourished. There were no “magic” ingredients; these relationships have always been built on trust, consistency, transparency, and honesty. Student Advisors showed up, listened, and provided the compassion, empathy, and individualized counsel students needed as they navigated their decision-making process. The 2022 Student Advising Report helps to tell the story, a story of the need to sit down face-to-face, listen, and be in a real relationship with a trusted advisor. Moving into 2023, the Advising Team will continue to show up with and for students, meeting them where they are, listening to their needs, and supporting their journeys.