2022 Data Release

Rob FoleyNews

Each year, The Scholarship Foundation publishes large amounts of data, but it’s more than just facts and figures. It’s information that tells a story. Scholarship Foundation data dashboards have been updated for 2022, and by reviewing them readers will see evidence of the success of the students the Foundation supports, and the impact the organization makes through the generous support of our donors. Use these notes to choose the data story you want to review for 2022:

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are metrics used to explain the overall performance of the organization.  Read this report to learn:

  • How The Scholarship Foundation consistently directs financial resources to those with the greatest financial need.
  • How much has been awarded to students and how awarding has changed over the last decade.
  • How students supported by the Foundation and its staff obtain degrees and achieve success in college at rates well above comparable benchmarks for students from similar economic backgrounds.

Program Dashboards

The Scholarship Foundation awarded $5.1M to 491 students in 2022. Read this report to learn:

  • Who these students are, where they are from, and where they are going.
  • How the Scholarship Foundation closes the gap by providing last-dollar funding in the form of interest-free loans and direct grants from generous donors.

Equity Dashboard

The Scholarship Foundation works toward racial and economic equity, in which outcomes are not predictable by wealth, race, or ethnicity. This dashboard communicates the Foundation’s commitment to equity, and it depicts data intended to identify the current equity position within the organization, charting participation and resource allocation.

Presenting the data in this interactive format on the Foundation’s website is an important part of the organization’s ongoing commitment to accountability and transparency. Please feel free to explore the data further and please direct any questions or comments to Rob Foley, Director of Information Technology.