Monte Chambers

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Class of 2014
Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Spanish
University of Missouri-St. Louis

In college, I’ve learned so much about taking advantage of opportunities while staying focused on the ultimate goal. I know the importance of getting good advice and following through. I know I can depend on The Scholarship Foundation.

When Monte Chambers graduated from high school with his EMT certification in hand, he embarked on an ambitious plan to work full-time, attend school full-time, and complete a double major. At the time, he described himself as “determined, focused, and motivated.” That has not changed, but he’s learned some important skills in the meantime. Accustomed to being at the top of his class, he learned to seek help when he needed it during his first semesters in college. He realized the importance of putting his education first and accepting only those additional responsibilities that advance him toward the goal of succeeding academically in a supportive community.

Monte receives grant and loan aid from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and an interest-free loan from The Scholarship Foundation. He works part-time with College Summit-St. Louis, providing him with an income while he shares what he has learned with younger students. Although his work schedule and financial situation required several semesters of part-time enrollment, he is now a full-time student who knows how to navigate the financial aid and academic support systems at his university. Monte is on an undeniable path to success.