Horizon Housing Foundation Scholarship

The Horizon Housing Foundation provides affordable housing to families and seniors in Missouri and Georgia. Created in November 2000, Horizon also provides resources to its residents which help them become financially stable and improve their quality of life. Programs offered include Quarterly Newsletters, Children’s Library, Educational Plans, and Holiday Support.

The Horizon Housing Foundation Scholarship will be awarded by The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis to individuals who reside in any of the approximately 20 affordable housing developments in the St. Louis region that are affiliated with Horizon. The scholarship will provide a $3,000 grant that is renewable through graduation or for up to 8 semesters.

Interested students should go to MyScholarshipCentral.org, follow the instructions to complete the General Application and then submit the Horizon Housing Foundation Scholarship application in Scholarship Central by the deadline of April 15. Awards will be announced in June.