Wesley Bryant

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Class of 2016
William Jewell College

“I want to do my own research as a scientist and open doors for people in science.”

When Wesley entered college, he challenged himself academically. Wesley took classes in different disciplines such as political science and biology for a pre-medical track. He took calculus, modern physics, and computer science classes while searching for an intellectual challenge. At the end his freshman year, Wesley found his challenge and decided to major in physics.

After immersing himself in his physics curriculum, Wesley has made plans to pursue advanced degrees. He has entered a five-year dual-degree engineering program to obtain a bachelor’s degree in physics from William Jewell College, a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and a master’s degree in engineering from a chosen partner institution. Potential partner institutions include Washington University in St. Louis, Columbia University in New York, and Missouri Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri. Wesley graduates in May 2016 with his first degree from William Jewell College.