Tarun B. Rana

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Class of 2009
Bachelor of Arts, History / Saint Louis University
Juris Doctor, Law / University of Missouri-Columbia

“… it opened a door that would have otherwise been closed.”

The Scholarship Foundation helped make attending SLU a reality for Tarun. He’s now an attorney, and owns his firm in the St. Louis area. Both Tarun and his wife, Brittany Pullen, are Scholarship Foundation graduates. They’re paying it forward through giving back to the Foundation that gave them opportunities to pursue higher education.

On the difference the support made for him

“I think it was the difference between me being able to go to SLU and not being able to go to SLU … I think it opened a door that would have otherwise been closed.”

On what he would want donors to know about their investment in him

“That it works. My family is an immigrant family, and we didn’t have a whole lot of money … so given that we came from very, very, very humble beginnings, I think what I would tell donors is ‘Hey, this works.’ You’re giving people that are highly motivated an opportunity…

“From what I recall the people that got these loans were people that really made something with their opportunity that they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. My wife and I are two really great examples.”

On his hope for what the future holds for current Foundation students

“I hope that they become the pillars of our community. I hope it’s people that use their opportunity to go get an education that they may otherwise not have had the opportunity to get. I hope they stick around in St. Louis, really use that as a way to further our community. Keep the mission that The Scholarship Foundation has and advance it in whatever ways possible, which means giving back to the community, giving back to The Scholarship Foundation, and not wasting the opportunity that they were given.”