Student Advising Video Demonstrates What It Means to be Student-Centered

Rob FoleyAdvising, News

The Scholarship Foundation’s Student Advising Team (l to r): Teresa Steinkamp, Félipe Martínez, Dominesha Newton, Amanda Samuels, Robert Sagastume

How does The Scholarship Foundation demonstrate that it is student-centered? Advising Director Teresa Steinkamp says it is about “putting students’ needs, goals, and hopes above everything else.” Immigrant Student Advisor Félipe Martínez believes that interactions with students must be “without judgment and bias.” Student Advisor Amanda Samuels shares the importance of helping students recognize their “infinite potential.” Scholarship Foundation student advisors do all of this, and more. Watch the video: A Day in the Life of a Student Advisor to see how Foundation advisors support students with significant financial need in getting to, through, and beyond college.