Shawna Woods

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Class of 2016
Lakeview College of Nursing, St. Louis Community College-Meramec

“I worked too hard to get into nursing school and quitting right after I was admitted was not an option.”

Shawna Woods has traveled an educational path requiring persistence. Years ago as a student at Ritenour High School, she heard a recruiter speak about nursing careers and immediately knew she wanted to become a nurse. After the recruiter’s visit, Shawna pursued her certified nursing assistant (CAN) license and then enrolled in nursing school at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Shawna’s childhood included periods of serious economic and housing challenges, and she was only the second person in her family to pursue college. Following a difficult year in which she worked full-time and attended school full-time, Shawna moved back to St. Louis and transferred to St. Louis Community College-Meramec.

Shawna graduated from St. Louis Community College and was accepted into Lakeview College of Nursing in Charleston, Illinois. Shortly thereafter, Shawna was injured in a neighborhood shooting. Medical complications resulted and Shawna had to quit the job that supported her education. Her family encouraged her to choose a different career path because her mobility was limited. But, Shawna was determined and committed to her nursing career.

Shawna is preparing for a career as a traveling nurse with proficiency in critical care, and she plans to pursue her master’s degree in nursing. Shawna is a member of the National Student Nurses Association with plans to join the Nurses without Borders volunteer program. She was supported through school with a Scholarship Foundation Emergency Loan, Bravo Grant, and Mid-America Transplant Services Scholarship.