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On Dreaming: The Pratter Family Designated Scholar Loan

Solomon Booke is a family hero. He made it his personal mission to save his sister's family from the pogroms which were sweeping Poland after World War I. After...

Ava's Grace joins forces with the Scholarship Foundation

Since its founding in 2010, Ava’s Grace Scholarship has been breaking the cycle of incarceration through the gift of...

Active Advocacy IS What's Right with the Region!

Each year, FOCUS St. Louis applauds the efforts of 20 individuals, organizations and initiatives making a difference in our bi-state region. This year,...

The Marita Malone Scholarship

According to Dr. Marita Malone, she had spent several years trying to resolve matters involving her estate when she saw an article about an anonymous donor having created a major new...

2017 Student Advising Program Report

Once again, our Program staff traveled extensively in 2017, visiting high schools, colleges, community organizations, and libraries to facilitate workshops and presentations;...