Margaret Baskin

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Class of 1993
Bachelor of Social Work / University of Missouri
Master of Social Work / Saint Louis University

Never give up when faced with obstacles and stay focused.

Margaret Baskin retired in 2015 after a 40-year career assisting youth and young adults in their efforts to successfully complete high school, pursue higher education or training, and gain employment. During her 22 years with Family Resource Center and 18 years with Missouri Department of Social Services, she also worked to match students with mentored employment with corporate partners.

She says she “was not a student with a high grade point average or able to earn scholarships to help finance my college education, but the Foundation took a chance on my being successful in college, a huge boost to my confidence, and I graduated. They helped [me] pave the way to a satisfying career.” Not only did Margaret earn her undergraduate degree, mid-way through her career, she returned to school and earned a Master’s degree.

Margaret never forgot the support she received from the Foundation. Throughout her career she referred young people needing financial assistance for higher education to The Scholarship Foundation. She says, “The Scholarship Foundation taught me to not give up on my dream to secure a college degree, as there are people willing to assist me.”

Margaret’s advice to high school students preparing for higher education is “to explore all options to help them finance their higher education goal. Never give up when faced with obstacles and stay focused.”