Supporting Immigrant Students Toolkit (#StudentsOfMO)

About #StudentsOfMO, The League of Student Advocates, and The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis

#StudentsOfMO is a campaign calling on the Missouri legislature, leaders of Missouri’s colleges and universities, and the entire community to take immediate action to support today’s students. The idea of the “traditional” student is outdated, inadequate, and does not represent large numbers of students trying to go to college today. This year-long campaign aims to highlight the disconnect between who we think students are and what they need, and what students actually need to be successful. Missouri’s students are undocumented, some require financial aid, some are student parents, some are urban, some are rural, some are 18 years old, while others are older. All are valid and deserving of our state’s support.

The League of Student Advocates supports federal, state, and institutional policy solutions that make access to quality, and affordable higher education a reality in Missouri, and beyond. The League represents students across the state of Missouri, reaching nearly every campus in the state.

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, a nonprofit organization founded in 1920, is based upon the conviction that an educated society is essential to a healthy democracy. The Scholarship Foundation provides access to postsecondary education to members of our community who otherwise would not have the financial means to fulfill their educational goals.

Toolkit Includes:

  • Talking points when calling legislators
  • List of Senate Appropriations Committee Members
  • Sample Social Media Posts



The Who:

Undocumented individuals, including DACA recipients, residing in Missouri, are being charged international tuition rates.

The What:

Beginning in 2015, the Missouri Legislature has legislated tuition rates at Missouri's public colleges and universities by inserting language in HB3, the higher education budget, that requires public state institutions to charge the highest possible tuition rate or risk state funding. The budget passed out of the House on April 1st and is now headed to the Senate.

Take Action:

Speak out:

Call members of the Senate Appropriations Committee today and tell them to stand with immigrant students by removing language in the Missouri Higher Education Budget (House Bill 3) and letting colleges and universities determine their own tuition and scholarship policy.

Numbers to Call:

Sample Script:

Hello, my name is _____ and I am calling to ask Senator _________ to remove language related to immigration from the higher education budget. Over twenty states have “tuition equity” laws or policies that make going to college easier for undocumented students. Despite having grown up in the United States and attending and graduating from K-12 Missouri schools, Missouri students are being charged an unfairly inflated rate of tuition at public institutions of higher education in their home state of Missouri.

Sample Social Media Posts:

Take action TODAY and tell the Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee to remove language from the higher education budget barring undocumented students from in-state tuition!

☎️ Call State Senators and ask they stand with undocumented students and remove the language from HB 3. Let’s flood the phone lines!

It is our moral & civic duty to take care of our communities, regardless of immigration status. In the midst of an economic and health crisis, the answer is NOT to make college even less affordable. We urge the #MoLeg to eliminate the language in HB 3. I stand with ALL #StudentsOfMO trying to access higher education in this state. #StudentsOfMO #TuitionEquity #MOLegislature #HigherEd #DACA #Undoc

The #MoLeg can easily remove a roadblock for thousands of Missouri students by striking language from the #HigherEd budget that makes colleges charge undocumented students international tuition rates.

PLS RT and urge them to remove this language from HB 3.#StudentsofMO