Jocelyn Posos

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Class of 2014
Bachelor of Social Work
Missouri State University

I have done work with college-age students in the past, but working with The Scholarship Foundation, I learned that I really enjoy being a resource for students and being able to provide them with my experiences and my advice. During the summer of 2014 I learned so much about myself and the Foundation. This is a great agency that strives to support students so they may succeed in their educational and personal lives.

During summer 2014, Jocelyn participated in the Scholarship Foundation’s paid Community Internship Program, a collaborative partnership between the Foundation, Equifax and community agencies.

Jocelyn graduated in May from Missouri State University with degrees in social work and Spanish. Her internship at The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis allowed her to use her social work education and youth development experience to assist in supporting student services. More specifically, she researched Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans (which help children with disabilities reach their educational goals more easily during grades K-12) with a focus on how they pertain to postsecondary education. Jocelyn then helped to compile a database of resources for students, which has been made accessible across various forms of social media.

During fall 2014, Jocelyn joined the Foundation as both an Immigrant Student Advisor and as a 2014-2015 Education Policy Intern.