Jennifer Carrillo

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Class of 2015
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
St. Louis University

I love learning and am always anxious to learn something new. I am the first in my family to attend college. I want to make my mom and dad proud of me and be a good example to my sisters and brother.

Jennifer Carrillo is the first in her family of eight to enroll in college. Throughout her childhood, she accepted the responsibility of helping to care for younger siblings while her parents worked. Part-time jobs allowed her to contribute to covering household expenses. In addition to her personal drive to succeed, Jenny is encouraged by the pride her family has in her and by the support of a Graduate Support Counselor from St. Cecilia Academy, who describes Jenny as “spunky, charismatic, graceful, and enthusiastic.”

Saint Louis University rewarded her hard work and achievements with a generous financial grant that supplements the federal Pell Grant she received. The Scholarship Foundation then provided “last dollar” funding through an interest-free loan and an Ameren Missouri Bravo grant. The combined financial aid package and a part-time job allow Jennifer to attend the university without excessive obligations to outside employment and without accumulating too much student debt. Jennifer is thrilled that she has the independence to do it on her own.