Jasmin Sekic

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Class of 2013
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Human Rights
Webster University

From Bosnia, a war-torn country, I have both beliefs and background that cause me to want to help others like I was helped. I will become a teacher and then a lawyer, and I will work to create opportunities for others. I know these things take time, and if I do my best, I will achieve.

As a child in Bosnia and then as a refugee in Germany for several years, Jasmin experienced hunger, poverty, violence, and separation from many family members. Now a resident of St. Louis and a young adult, Jasmin appreciates how hard his parents worked to protect and provide for him and how fortunate he is to have an opportunity to pursue his education. Although he at first was intimidated by the transition from Fox High School to Webster University, he has woven for himself a fabric of professors, employers, family members, and trusted advisors who encourage him every step of the way.

Jasmin’s goal is to support and encourage others who have experienced war and its devastating effects. He hopes that as a teacher, lawyer, and business owner, he will create ways for individuals to achieve their own goals, regardless of the circumstances they have faced. Jasmin receives generous grants from Webster University, as well as an interest-free loan and a Quadrangle Housing Company grant from The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis.