Brittany Ferrell

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Class of 2015
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
University of Missouri–St. Louis

Brittany completed three projects that will help support the wellness of both parents and children attending school in the district. She was so efficient and self-directed, and she completed all of her assigned projects in significantly less time than I had projected, which allowed me to broaden the scope of her work and experience. Specifically, she designed her own project, a yoga program proposal that could be considered for our schools.

—Erika Gonzalez, Student Support Specialist

During summer 2014, Brittany participated in the Scholarship Foundation’s paid Community Internship Program, a collaborative partnership between the Foundation, Equifax and community agencies.

Brittany is a senior nursing major at University of Missouri-St. Louis and interned with Saint Louis Public Schools. Through her work with Student Support Services, Brittany conducted research on school-based health clinics, best practices for school districts’ health and wellness committees, and potential district partners. This internship enabled Brittany to connect her interest in research and public health with her nursing and clinical experience.