St. Louis Graduates

The Scholarship Foundation is among the founding partners of St. Louis Graduates, an ambitious initiative to improve the social and economic vitality of the St. Louis community by increasing the percentage of area residents with postsecondary degrees.

St. Louis Graduates takes a coordinated, comprehensive approach to the challenge, which requires properly preparing high school students to pursue higher education and ensuring they have the financial, academic, and social support required to persist in their studies and earn their degrees.

The partnership began by commissioning a research report to assess the region’s status in preparing students from low-income backgrounds for success in higher education and earning degrees. It since has engaged community representatives in developing a specific strategy for achieving its goals, compiled a database guide to scholarships available in the region, and created a website that includes a common scholarship application and a wealth of information and resources for students and families.

The collaborators in this effort include service providers, educational institutions, corporations, and philanthropic groups.

More information on St. Louis Graduates, its resources, and its services is available through its website,